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Wing tube technology

Developed a new type of condensing heat transfer element - the Ultraten technology wing tube. Ultraten technology's application of the finned tube heat transfer element, subverting the traditional heat exchange element, also laid the foundation for the development of complete condensation technology. The research shows that the thermal efficiency of the complete condensing boiler using the Ultraten technology of the wing tube heat exchange element is higher than that of the ordinary boiler. 7%-12%.

Wing tube technology
Full premixed combustion technology

Full premixed combustion technology

The full premixed burner is made of some rare metal fiber woven fabrics, which has excellent ventilation performance, uniform pore distribution, short flame on the burner surface and a combustion intensity of 2500kw/m3. According to the output power, there are two flames. The basic mode, the maximum power output is a blue flame.

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